Featuring Art Cars:

One Eyed Monster ° Balanceville ° Funn Machine ° Mystic Flyer ° Rogue Scarab ° Staple Art Car ° Xuza ° Torch

Also featuring Interactive Art:

Fire Skee Ball ° The Flamethrower Chandelier ° Cosmic Space Worm ° Zoa ° Archie Goats


Countdown to event!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

7PM – 9PM: Art Car Procession, Las Vegas Strip
8PM – 2AM: Main Event Downtown Las Vegas Llama Lot

Art cars from across the galaxies will descend upon Las Vegas for the Intergalactic Art Car Festival. These cars will roll down the Las Vegas Strip, then circle up in Downtown for a festival unlike any other on Earth.



Art programs are cut from schools. Museum funding ripped away. Nevada is slated to lose $700K for local arts programs.


To fight back, ART CARS from across the galaxies are descending upon Las Vegas on a mission to support our local arts.


These cars will land on the Las Vegas Strip, then roll out to Downtown for a music festival unlike any other on earth.


Move your feet to the biggest collection of art cars outside of The Playa at the Intergalactic Art Car Festival, where all proceeds from food, drink and donations will benefit local art programs in partnership with the First Friday Foundation.